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Thursday, 12 August 2010 09:20
Work package 2 - Communication, knowledge management and dissemination

Media communication/ dissemination
Non-media communication/ dissemination and website
Communication events
Consultative committee set up

Work package 3 – Cluster mapping

Identification of Guidelines and methodologies for mapping
Innovation level mapping inside the clusters
Setting up of facilitators working groups  
Data Comparison and evaluation
Cluster composition mapping

Work package 4 - Cluster benchmarking

ICT Platform development
Inside the Cluster’s SMEs analysis
Operating the benchmarking
SMEs on screen – a video development
Operating the benchmarking

Work package 5 - Cluster management lab

Working group setting up and their vision
Analysis by the different working groups of the problems and objectives
Identification of the objectives
National and Transnational Plan of Action

Work package 6  - Cluster  manager in action

Cluster Manager In Action  
Pilot action: TAP implementation
Monitoring and evaluation of the pilots
Monitoring and evaluation of the project and follow up

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