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Pilot Action in Italy - "Research Cocktail"
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 15 April 2013 13:01

On September 28th 2012 in San Mauro Pascoli for shoes cluster and October 17th  2012 in Parma, for packaging cluster,  two Research Cocktails were organized.

In both the events about 30 SMEs, 10 researchers and universities, 30 different stakeholders met to speak about the concept of innovation and research for Smes and for Universities.

The Research Cocktail is a proven and effective format for initiatives focused on Innovation and Research and on the collaboration between the Academic and the Industrial Worlds.

The methodology chosen for this type of initiative is a new dissemination method, effective and direct, overtaking the formalisms that can hinder the dialogue among the leaders of the two sides: research and business.

The use of a structured direction and the presence of a moderator attain the objective to facilitate the dialogue between the two parties and to highlight on  one hand the research skills existing in the area and on the other the needs directly expressed by the companies.

Focused on specific issues and business sectors, the theme of a collaboration between Research and Business is approached from different perspectives and outlined in its most specific features: the benefits and challenges related to the development of joint projects, the ways of cooperation and the supporting tools.

Taking advantage of the points of view of both sides, the exchange of experiences feeds on continuous stimuli and thus enriches itself. The opinions generate a virtuous circle bringing into question the points of view and guiding towards the research of problems solutions.

The initiatives are therefore directly designed on the needs of the most important companies and are built focusing on success stories and on the avant-gardes existing in both worlds, able to be an example, a reference point and the driving force towards those who haven’t put themselves on the line yet in similar collaborations.

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