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Pilot Action in Italy, cont. "Enhancing technical training for local business”
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 15 April 2013 13:16

On October 8th, 2012, within the activity of the EU Project C-Plus, a focus group was organized in order to facilitate carrying on the exchange moments on the needs, experiences and new ideas coming from the entrepreneurs of the Reggio Emilia area, as a support to internationalization and innovation.

Since the Emilia Romagna Region promotes calls for internationalization proposals through forms of business networks, most of the statements have highlighted the difficulty to create a network among them even before starting internationalization.

Moreover, a strong resistance from the students of technical schools and their families to invest in experiences abroad emerged from the discussion.

In particular, below are the main quotes from the actors participating in the meeting:

Observations of company a)

  • Those who took part in networks, participate in others.
  • Improvement interventions: bring examples and benefits/opportunities, create culture (information, dissemination, awareness)

Observations of company b)

  • Difficulties: among entrepreneurs, we are afraid to say positive and negative things. We are worried about hiding our “customer portfolio” when everything is accessible in the Internet.


  • Companies must be established in a network. The Chambers of Commerce and the University have to play a support role (i.e. access to graduates; Alma Mater acts as a hindering filter and it does not help, Schools)
  • Companies should be open and not afraid.

Observations of company c)

  • It is necessary to give the right motivations to young people and ask them, when they are looking for a job, what they want to do when they grow up and what ideas they have, in order to support and motivate them.

Observations of School

Today students are more adaptable, even if there is still much to be done about their mentality, in particular towards the families being excessively afraid of them possibly fleeing abroad for a job. We are looking through several international channels in order to enable our students to access internships abroad, but we are facing some legal problems (insurance). The Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Emilia and UnionCamere are beginning to work on this.

We are trying to keep good collaborations with the local companies in spite of various difficulties.

Observation of Mayor of Montecchio

There is competition among local territorial systems too.

In spite of the crisis, the companies of my town saved themselves largely because they internationalized.

It is necessary to have Schools and pupils understand that it is necessary to be prepared to go abroad to work.

Within my office, I need to ensure a protection to the weakest subjects through dedicated services, and a future to the community, and this is also the contribution of mayors to the local economy.

As local institutions, we should pursue active policies for jobs creation.

Possible supporting initiatives for local companies in the short period:

C-plus Video presenting business cases in clusters promoting internationalization with positive outputs.

Self-presentation of the companies to the students of the D’Arzio Institute and to their families on the Open Day.

Share the problems of the automation industry; obtain scholarships with the collaboration of the D’Arzio Institute.

Exchange of contacts among the companies of the focus group in order to get to know one another better.

Download this file (Agenda.pdf)Meeting agenda[-]468 Kb
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